VSP (Vision Service Plan)

What Is VSP?

Vision Service Plan (VSP) provides around 80 million Americans with vision insurance. They offer standalone eye care plans, and also bundle plans with companies’ health insurance offerings. You may have a VSP plan without knowing it, because it’s been bundled in with your group health insurance.

Does eyecarecenter Accept VSP?

Absolutely. When you come in to eyecarecenter, we’ll ask you whether you have vision insurance. Even if you don’t know, we can look you up in the VSP database and find out.

We also accept several other major vision insurance companies offering coverage in the United States, like Davis Vision and Eyemed Vision Care.

Insurance Filing with VSP: We Can Help!

Many of our patients come to us confused about their VSP coverage. That’s why the staff at eyecarecenter researches your benefits for you. We can investigate your eligibility and advise you on how to proceed.