Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

Strabismus, or crossed eyes, is a misalignment issue where your two eyes are looking in different directions. This means they aren’t working together to produce a clear picture. Strabismus may be a constant problem, or it may happen every now and then. Anyone can develop strabismus, but it is most common in infants and young children.

How Do You Treat It?

Strabismus is a fairly common condition and easily treatable through three methods:

  1. Patching. If only one eye wanders, covering the stronger eye with a patch allows the weaker eye to work harder and improve.
  2. Vision therapy. Your eye doctor may recommend vision therapy, which is essentially physical therapy for your eyes.
  3. Surgery. Strabismus surgery is relatively common for cosmetic reasons, but it can be very effective when paired with vision therapy.

What Causes Strabismus?

Strabismus occurs when the brain fails to control eye movement. It is usually a genetic eye problem.

What Do You Do If You Have Strabismus?

Make an appointment with an eye doctor to find the right treatment option for you. It’s an easy fix with help from eyecarecenter!

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